Non-RN to MSN questions

  1. Hello! There are several direct entry MSN programs for people who hold a non-nursing bachelor's degree. They all are usually the same concept- an accelerated program leading to NCLEX and then a part or full time program for the masters portion. I have a list of about 13 midwifery programs that are all some type of direct/accelerated MSN for non-RNs. Clearly, this type of path has many pros and cons.

    I had lunch today with a Certified Nurse Midwife-candidate friend of mine. She strongly encouraged me not to apply for this type of program stating that I "never" find work as a CNM without any RN experience, and if I opened a practice, I wouldn't find OB back-up. While private practice would ultimately be my goal, working for an OB group would be my first goal, so this question deserves serious consideration. I know a lot of CNMs in my community, and my friend pointed out the difficulties many of our friends had finding work right out of their MSN programs. (I had underestimated the trouble some of them had- it isn't something you talk about when you have a casual conversation with someone a couple times per year) If I attend one of these (very expensive) direct-entry programs (University Illinois Chicago, Columbia, Vanderbilt, etc) I'd be looking at becoming a CNM with no hospital L&D experience.

    I'd like to hear from anyone who has graduated from this type of program- specifically people who became nurse-midwives without an ADN or BSN. People whose RN was incorporated into their master's degree. Can you share some of the challenges you faced when entering the workforce? Also, to walk the path again, would you do anything differently?

    (I'm posting this in another folder too, so forgive the double post)
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