Midwives in Fort Wayne, IN????

  1. Hello! My name is Erin and I'm currently a birth doula and a nursing student in Kalamazoo Michigan! My goal is to one day be a CNM! My question in for my friend really. I really have not posted too much here, but I have a big question for those who could help!

    My best friend lives in Fort Wayne, IN and is just newly pregnant with her second baby. She delivered her first baby at Parkview North with a doctor. Regardless of the doc showing up just in the nick of time to catch her daughter, she had a great birth with husband and doula support (me, :wink2: ). She really would love to have a midwife this time around. She has seen how happy I've been with my three births with my awesome midwife, but, like I said she does not live in Kalamazoo anymor. She asked me to help her find a CNM in her area, and I'm having a hard time finding one! I was hoping that I could get some answers for her from here!

    I appreciate all the help!
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  3. by   singingmama
    I found a CNM in Fort Wayne after much research on the internet. Tell your friend to check out michianamidwife.com. She actually lives in Goshen, Indiana but will attend births in Fort Wayne. I am pregnant myself and am looking forward to having a homebirth with her. She has an assistant who is a doula. They are both very nice.
  4. by   singingmama
    One other thing-- If she want to have a hospital birth with a CNM, I've heard Andrea Yoder with Women's Health Advantage is good. She delivers at Parkview. Good luck, Elissa
  5. by   niccikatie
    Have her check out Stephanie at Dekalb Hospital in Auburn. I had a fabulous delivery with her two years ago
  6. by   anyoneusa
    I have had Andrea at both my births and will NEVER have an Ob-Gyn again unless necessary. She delivers at several of the Fort Wayne area hospitals.