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  1. Hey there! I'm a high school student but I know I want to be a certified nurse midwife (and work on the mission field but that's a different story). Any advice out there for what I can start now and for future in midwife career??
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    Welcome to allnurses. While I cannot help you with your questions, I do have one for you: Are you a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse? Since you are in high school, it is unlikely although possible. If not, per the terms of service on this site, you should not have "nurse" in your title as it's considered something that posters earn by going to nursing school & passing the NCLEX.
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    No, I'm not an rn or any licensed nurse. I don't why it says I'm a nurse and I haven't noticed it till now... I'll fix it
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    Hi! I think it's great that you are interested in becoming a certified nurse midwife, and that you are so self-aware of your path at this time in your life! Don't worry about the "nurse" name thing--it was an innocent mistake and I'm sure just an expression of excitement for the goal you'd like to attain! I am not yet a nurse, nor a CNM YET , but I am 32 and have had a lot of life experiences. My background is in education and youth development. I have always been drawn to birth work, and the importance of the impact a positive birth experience can have on parents/families--and therefore, on society! All that to say that I will be applying for CNM Master's programs this summer and have been doing research on different paths; so although I am not yet a CNM, I may be able to help you think of some places to start

    For you at this time, there are various paths you can take, depending on what feels right for YOU. What year in high school are you/how old are you? Your age will impact what things you can start doing now, and what things you may be able to start once you are 18 years old. Many people who know they want to be a CNM will begin by going to school to become a nurse first. You can do this by going to a community college and getting your Associate's Degree, and then taking an exam called the NCLEX-RN in order to become an RN. Some folks take this path and obtain experience as a nurse in various areas first (like med/surg), and some who know they want to be a CNM will try to get a Labor and Delivery Nurse position for experience first (although, depending on where you live/work, it could be difficult to find openings for labor and delivery as it is pretty competitive). If you get your Associates Degree in Nursing, you have the option of continuing to a University where you can get your Bachelor's Degree (a BSN/Bachelor of Science in Nursing).

    Another option is going to a 4 year college from the start to get your BSN. From my research, there are a lot more programs that you can apply to for midwifery (which is a Master's level degree) if you already have your BSN or RN, versus starting like me where I got a Bachelors (and Master's) degree in a NON-NURSING field. If you begin with a nursing degree, you'll have more options to where you can attend school for midwifery.

    For experience before getting a degree (or while you're in school--before you become an RN), you could try being a Certified Nurse Assistant, or Licensed Practical Nurse. You could also become a Labor/Childbirth Doula...there are also Postpartum Doulas for a little more reliability in scheduling (if you're doing it while you go to school). THERE ARE LOTS OF OPTIONS! I'M EXCITED FOR YOU!

    I'd love to hear more about what interests you! I'm happy to help support you/give you any insight that might help you on your path. Best of luck! Look forward to hearing from you!