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    I am a per diem L&D RN, and a FNP. I am going to start working as a nursing professor at a community college in the Spring of 2019 teaching obstetrics. Since I will have the summers and holidays off, I am thinking I would like to return for a post masters in midwifery at Frontier. I would love to do some international volunteer work and work per diem while teaching. My question is for those that have completed the program: I would likely have to relocate for clinicals as I work for the hospital that runs the only midwifery service in town. As an educator I will be limited to completing clinicals in the summer and winter break (mid Dec to mid Jan). Do you think this is feasible with their 32 hr week clinical requirements? I have spoken to a recruiter but she has not given any helpful information to that question. When I break it down it doesn't really seem to work out unless all clinicals can be done within the summer term.

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  3. by   terfernay
    I think the minimum amount of time they allow you to complete your clinicals in is 16 weeks but I'm assuming you'd have to make sure you have all your clinical sites and preceptors lined up in time in order to make that happen. Maybe someone else who knows more about their program could chime in. Also I'd encourage you to look at their academic catalog. There's a lot of information in there about clinical requirements.