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  1. I am a nursing student now, working on a BSN. I have job shadowed a CNM, and I thought I really wanted to do that. Recently, I have been discouraged by one of my nursing professors. She told me it is expensive to practice as a CNM (I'm from Michigan). Is that right? The midwife I shadowed never said anything about that to me. I have job shadowed a Neonatal Nurse Practioner, and I volunteer in the NICU, and I like that area too. I'm not sure what I want to do now, and I was hoping someone could give me advice about either CNM or NNP!
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  3. by   midwife228
    Ask your nursing professor what she means by that comment. Is she referring to the cost of malpractice insurance? If so, that cost is usually paid by your employer as part of your contract as a nurse-midwife. It could be an issue in a home birth practice where you would be paying it yourself.
    The two fields you're talking about are very different. Try to get as much exposure as you can to both and I would say to go with where your heart tells you that your passion is.
    Good luck!
  4. by   ambach
    I was sort of so shocked by her saying that, that I didn't ask for more details. I will have to ask her what she meant. Also, I was wondering if anyone here is a practicing CNM. Do you have families, and are you able to spend alot of time with them? I've sort of heard stories about midwives missing out on some major events in their childrens' lives. I guess I just wanted to know to what degree that is true.
  5. by   MagsMom
    I think how much you miss depends on what kind of practice you have. I know midwives who practice in a large group and their call schedule is better than the OB docs at the same facility. I know some who only work clinic schedules - no evenings, holidays, weekends. I know other midwives who are busy and miss everything.
    Good luck -
  6. by   arabianeyez83
    I am from Michigan as well!You won't pay out of pocket for insurance if u work for a hospital.

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