British midwives- ?????

  1. Hello,

    There is a chance we will be moving to England for about 4 years and I am trying to figure out what I am going to do.

    Right now I have a BA and I am in the RN portion of a direct entry program. I will probably not be able to finish the MS part, so I will be a BA with an RN certificate.

    I am curious about attending midwife school while we are in England. My understanding is that midwifery is a regular bachelor's equivalent degree without a general nursing component. From looking online it appears there are programs for those with a degree in another field and qualified nurses that are shorter than the traditional course.

    Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the process and my prospects. I have looked through some great threads in the international section but I am still a little confused. I also know I would still have to get my MS to work as a CNM here in the US, but I am okay with doubling up the education. I think it would be great experience to work there.

    Thanks in advance for any help or resources
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  3. by   Huq
    I am a nurse/midwife, all of my education in England.
    I entered the midwifery programme with a bachelor's in nursing. I did this a long time ago and things may have changed. The first thing we were told "You may be RN's with degrees, but from now on you are simply pupil midwives, starting from the very bottom" and we did! We grumbled about the long hours, the on call hours and the very heavy scolastic load, but we loved it and at least half of us became midwives. Please, please do not do this if it is for the added qualification only. (as so many do) Do it. Love it.
  4. by   CEG
    Thanks for the info. I am actually a doula and lactation educator currently in an RN program starting my MS in midwifery next fall. Since we have the chance to go to England, I would love to continue my education there. Unfortunately the degree wouldn't allow me to practice when we return to the US, but I think the experience I could gain in the healthcare system there would be invaluable to me here. Definitely not just for a few extra letters after my name Thanks again.