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Nurse Educators I need your help. Has anyone every developed the curriculum for CMA's or has anyone ever worked with CMA's that is willing to share you knowledge and experience?


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Dear Ursula,

I am an instructor in the medical program here at a local tech college. I teach CMA's (Certified Medical Assistants). It is much more extensive than for a medication aide, but we do cover all of that. However, to work my way through nursing school, I did work as a medication aide and have practical experience there.

Is there anything specific you are looking for?

Pammie, RN BSN


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Hello, Vancouver is beautiful by the way. I have a sister in Olympia, a niece in Belingham and family in Walla Walla, it's all beautiful

Thank you for responding.

We are proposing a Certified Medication Aide with the Board of Nursing in the State of New Mexico, I will need to develop the cirriculum and have questions. Specifically, don't you need to have your guidelines and teaching materials prior to developing the cirriculum? I am also asking for sample cirriculums.

Can you help?:

PM me if you'd like.


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Yes, it would certainly be helpful to have all core materials available before writing curriculums. I think, however, I would start with the State BON and what requirements they are looking to be met, then build on that.

A. I guess my question to you is if they BON has an idea about what minimums they expect or is this a pilot project in which you are creating a proposal for this new curriculm?

B. After I got that cleared up, then I would certainly gather the materials that will most closely help me attain the goals they expect.

C. After that step, it might be good to get with potential supervisors of these CMA's and gather any concerns they may have about working with this type of UAP. This way you can reassure them that these concerns will be addressed in your curriculm.

D. I think you are certainly on the right track with asking for sample of curriculums from other CMA programs.


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