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I am trying to locate some information on Certified Medical Assistants. I recently enrolled in a 2 year accredited college for an Associate's degree in applied science for a CMA. I'm reading all kinds of things, but I see nothing regarding a CMA? What can I expect at far as recognition? Am I "just an Aide?" (that was a statement off of something else I read) This IS the field I am interested in and perhaps in won't stop with the CMA..perhaps LPN? I need guidance?

Any info would be appreciated.

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If you are going to go to school for 2 years, why don't you get your LPN in that time instead of a CMA? A CMA is essentially an aid in a lot of places. With an Associates degree, why not just go for your LPN? Then, if you desire, go for your BSN. Heck, after that, go for your NP. Personally, I never heard of a 2 year CMA program.

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I was a CMA prior to going to nursing school. I worked for several years in doctor's offices...I did not however go to school for this. There was a time a few years ago when you could "challenge" the exam and become certified. I will tell you that it is hard to find a good job. Also, the pay is not good. Only $8-10 per hour in FL. You should just go to nursing school! Good luck.


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If you have 2 years to devote to full time study, why not go for LPN or RN assoc. degree? I was a CMA but could not find a job. I graduated from an LPN program and had no problem finding a job. A med. asst. is trained more for clinic work, both clinical and clerical duties, whereas an LPN is trained more for hospital and long term care. The pay for an LPN is also a little better. I know of no hospital that hires CMA's. I did not know there were still 2 year med. asst. programs. When I went to school, a long time ago, my class was the first 1 year program to graduate and then they discontinued the 2 yr program. I hope this helps a little. Good Luck!

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