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Hello. I just turned in my application for Century's nursing program. My composite score is a 11.53 so what are my chances of getting accepted? I'm worried this is not enough for me to get in for Spring 2019. Anyone else out there who just applied and or have any information regarding this? What were your guys scores to get in? Thank you!

Century College MANE spring 2019*****

I'm also applying for Century College's Nursing program. I heard that the composite score to get accepted for Fall 2018 was 11.67 and up. I was told to have an overall score of 11.67 or higher to have a higher chance of being accepted. However, each semester's minimum score for acceptance varies based on how well the applicants do.

My composite score is 12.6

That's a really good score; I heard if you have a 12 or higher you're basically in. My advisor told me to get at least a 11.6 too but I only obtained an 11.53.

Crossing my fingers I slip into the program. Mid July feels so far away! Hopefully it comes faster for us. Good luck to us!

You did pretty well too! I know someone who slipped into the program with a score of 11.4 for Fall 2018, so hopefully you will too. I'll be praying for the both of us!

I was accepted into Century. How about you?

Unfortunately I wasn't. But it's okay I may try again for fall 2019!

But congrats to you!!!

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