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Centennial September 2012?


Hey out there!

Just wondering if there were any other people who have accepted an offer of admission to Centennial College for the Sept 2012 start Practical Nursing program?

Just to introduce myself - I'm Liz, and have accepted Centennials offer. I'm a "mature" student - 33 years old, married with a 7 year old son (as well as a 16 year old). We are fairly new to Scarborough...hoping for a good learning experience. So excited (and terrified) to do this thing and get back to school!!!!

I finished the PN program last December. Are you doing Fulltime or flexible?

Full time, although I'm getting a head start on a couple of the courses this summer.

How did you find it?

Head start? Are you completing your general education and english/communication courses? I did flex mode and found it alright plus I'm also a mature student so the adjustment to post-secondary education wasn't an issue. Although a lot of my classmates struggled with the anatomy & physiology course. Fulltime is more stressful because of the full course load but it'll depend on your commute. If you have a long commute than it'll be more stressful and tiring. A lot of students transfer into flex mode after so at least you have that option. Do you plan to bridge into university nursing after?

how are you getting a head start i would love to know so i can also get a head start

Hey toronto_nurse

How many days a week was the flex mode also was it during the day or in the evening and how long was classes a day? Also was clinicals only 3 days a week also

Flex mode is usually 3 days and classes range from 2 to 4 hours a day depending on the course. Clinical is normally 2 days including a lab component. I would recommend flex mode for ESL students or those who have young children. Most classes are during the day but you may get an odd course scheduled in the early evening depending on availability. If you plan to bridge to university nursing I would recommend flex mode because you need good grades to get into it.

Thanks for getting back to me.. so when we have clinical its still only 3 days a week my goal is to be an RN so i want to do flex. also im from cambridge so flex would be better for my coummute also where is the hospital placments if you dont mind me asking

For flex, clinicals don't start until semester 4. You get at least one hospital placement which is usually in the area surrounding Centennial. Some of the hospitals I know Centennial students trained at were Scarborough General, Scarborough Grace and Centenary, York Central, Markham Stouffville, North York General and Toronto East General. Centennial is not guaranteed any of these clinical settings and it varies semester by semester. You can't pick for the first two clinical settings but you somewhat have a choice for your consolidation. If your goal is to be an RN I would recommend you pursue the BScN program because there are a small number of students who actually bridge because their bridging requirement is quite strict.

Yes, after speaking with the program coordinators, I learned that I can take my Comm 170, Human development and the 3rd semester GNED this summer.

It's costing me a little more this way, but for me and my particular situation, it will be well worth it. The classes get started in 3 weeks now.

My goal is to definitely bridge over - earning my PN first though just seemed to be the right route for me. I can help to put myself through school much better with a part time PN job over something like serving coffee at McDonalds :)

Also, I only live at most, a 10 minute drive from the Morningside campus - we live in the Heron Park area, so not much commute at all.

Hi I know this is an old thread but I just want to know your experience at Centennial college. How was the students, the professors, the campus, the lessons and overall experience? :)