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Centennial/Ryerson RPN to RN bridge

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I got accepted to the RPN bridging to university flex delivery and regular delivery. Anybody currently taking this program now? or are planning to go this September?

Can you give me your insight as to what the program is like?

Information I particularly want to know

1. Differences between flex and regular

2. Are the courses all online or in class?

3. What GPA do you need to gain entry to Ryerson, and is entry guaranteed if you meet the GPA requirements?

4. What do you like and dislike about the program?

5. How difficult is it compared to the RPN program?


Hey there, I just finished my Bridging program (regular/Full-time) at Centennial a week ago and I'll certainly try and help you out here.

1. Course load. With regular you do it over 2 semesters while with the flex you do it over 3. I believe the flex is considered PT. Only problem is once you choose to go with FT or PT you'll have to continue that route at Ryerson and you won't be able to switch.

2. All the courses were in class, with only health assessment being "online" but there are still labs (not mandatory) as well as in-lab skill testing.

3. 3.0. A flat 3.0 is required to gain entry to Ryerson. We had Ryerson officials come and talk to us in March and they told us that there seats for everyone who meets the requirements, so it's not competetitive unless you're an internationally educated nurse (IEN)

4. There are multiple things to be honest with you. I am on my way out right now so unless you can think of specific questions you'll have to wait till later for a quick summary.

5. Material wise? not one bit. Patho is patho and health assessment is health assessment. We pretty much had very similar courses with only nursing research being introduced as new knowledge. I don't think it was difficult at all, it's just the time commitment you put into it.

If you think of anything else post here and I'll definitely help anyone out.

Hey, guys, now I wont lie, Centennial College is a good place to learn, and I would be lying if I said that I was disappointed that I cannot continue my studies there due to failing a class. But do you guys know anyone who has failed that can go to become RN's. Thanks