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Specializes in Emergency Nursing. Has 6 years experience.

I am looking to build my credentials and education, and am wondering which of these to do first? I don't work with pediatrics very often in my ED which has pedi specific nurses. That is one reason the ENPC appeals to me though, so I can be stronger in pedi. Both credentials seem to be an application requirement in many ED job postings I've seen as I consider relocating, so I will likely have to get both eventually. Anybody done both? Which is harder? I've been told the CEN is more challenging than the NCLEX. How long did you study for? Thanks

Two totally different things are these.

ENPC is just a class offered by ENA.

CEN is a certification test on a broad range of topics germane to emergency nursing.

ENPC requires very little preparation; all of the material needed for the test is provided in the class. On the other hand, CEN requires quite a bit of preparation simply because it's so broad.

My advice would be to sign up for the next ENPC class and begin studying for CEN immediately with a plan to sit for the exam within 6 months.


Specializes in Emergency Nursing. Has 6 years experience.

Thanks! This was very helpful.