Cedars-Sinai's Labor & Delivery


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Hi All!

I'm a high-risk OB RN with 3 years of experience in high-risk OB (i.e. high-risk antepartum and postpartum) and 5 years total RN experience. It's time for me to diversify my career and cross-train so that I can better serve and I saw that Cedar's trains experienced RNs in LDR.

Does anyone have work experience with Cedar's L&D unit that would like to share their experience? Do you like working at Cedars? If so, what do you like about it? Did you think their training programs were thorough?

Thank you :-)

Specializes in Labor and Delivery. Has 3 years experience.


im currently considering working at cedars Sinai and would love to hear if you scripted the position. How do you like working there? What don’t you like about working there? Please give me an honest insight! Thank you so much