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Considering a travel job at Cedars in LA...Trauma/Transplant ICU....any thoughts in regard to floating, housing, pay, experience with staff, etc....any and all info appreciated!!!

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Floated to telemetry (hired for SICU) everyday for first 14 shifts! Out of 13 wk contract 9 were in ICU. Staff focus is on charting, poor patient care from vast majority of staff. Know your fellow travelers because they will likely be the only one who will help you. The telemetry units werent too bad minus no help unless nurse assistant likes you...which is very important to have them on your side. I can tell you lots of things but I don't want to avoid giving you the facts I dealt with. Very cliquey...if ask for help get all kinds of excuses but bottom line no one will help you even if you have everything ready. They say "you wait for lift team" even if pt laying in stool and it will be 1-2 hours

I hope you find It to be a better experience.

I should've trusted my fellow travelers...i.e. your word....it's a nightmare! I've worked at 12 different hospitals and this is the poorest nursing care, professionalism, and conduct I have ever witnessed. The night before a shift I lay in bed saying aloud "oh my God, I hate this job, I don't want to go" and I awake in the morning thinking "oh my God, I hate this job, I don't want to go"....miserable!!

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