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CDC to Launch App on How to Use PPE with Eboloa


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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be launching a free app in late April that coaches clinicians how to correctly use PPE to effectively prevent Ebola transmission. This app which can be accessed with a smartphone, provides easy-to-follow directions for putting on and removing PPE. It is not intended to replace traditional training but rather to supplement it.

Is this something you would use?

CDC to launch clinician-facing app on donning Ebola protection equipment

Jolie, BSN

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I should be grateful that information is now being made available to bedside nurses in a usable and up-date-able format.

But this announcement reinforces my longstanding belief that the CDC and NIH are primarily responsible for the early mishandling of Ebola patients in this country. Their reassurances that ordinary community hospitals were prepared for Ebola were utterly and negligently false, and people suffered as a result.

Perhaps that reality is dampening my enthusiasm for this new app.