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Our CCU is in quite a large hospital. About three years ago we moved from a regular unit setup to an actual critical care setting. We now accept more critically ill patient with balloon pumps, vents, etc... Even though we have changed, our image as a critical care unit still gets no respect. Other units and some MDs look at our unit as it functioned in the past, instead of how it is functioning now! Any suggestions on how to gain respect and change our image? (I have only been at this hospital for a year and came from an ICU where you were respected for what you did. This is very frustrating to see this happen to such a great group of nurses!)


I've been thinking about your post. Do the nurses in your unit round with the MDs? This can provide opportunities for growth on both sides. I was the coordinator of a CCU in a teaching hospital for a number of years. Fortunately we had a great medical director who was more than willing to make the staff nurses a part of the team. The nurses observations and opinions were saught out. Does your unit coordinator have a good relationship with the medical director? Perhaps she can discuss having the nurses participate on rounds with him.. Treat it as a learning experience and stay away from "We don't get no respect". If this is not possible, do any of the staff have a good working relationship with any of the MDs who make rounds maybe once a week (Where I worked, different MDs were responsible for teaching rounds 1 or 2 days a week)? Maybe she can speak to him and have the nurses included then.


Aggie, Yes, we do round with the cardiologists and all of the doctor's. Our medical director seems very pleases upfront with us. Later we hear negative comments he has made in other units about us. This in turn gets the ball rolling in the nursing commnity as well. When we float to the other critical care units, some treat you as if you never ever went to nursing school. I am an ICU nurse by trade. I know how CCU nurses are looked upon because I used to feel that way too. Now that I am a CCU nurse I have a greater appreciation for the specialized profession!

Shari, Invite the doctors to present learning opportunites to your staff, our CPT-cardio/thoractic/pulmonary unit had the same problem. By letting the doctors know that they were interested in learning more about some of the more challenging patients the doctors developed a greater sense of trust with the unit.Good luck.

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