Working on Christmas

  1. Hi Everyone. OK.. I'm a new RN. I work in a MICU in Houston, Texas. I just love my job. I worked on the unit as a student, and now I'm orientating as a nurse. Yes, there are challenges, but the beauty of our unit is the team work.

    ANYWAY (sorry, I just had to inform you of my excitement) my question is what is a good "gift" to give patients and/or families in the ICU? I work on Christmas, and I hope to bring a little Christmas joy to the unit that day. However, most patients are sedated, not to mention how stressed out the families are. Legally, are we able to give gifts? And so, what are good ideas? (Just something small...)

    Please respond if you've heard of good stories, etc..

    Happy to be serving as a new RN........ Joanna
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