WA-NewGrad RN Residency Program?

  1. hello critical care washington nurses:

    please share your knowledge and opinions about the
    new grads rn residency program at wa hospitals.

    here are some ideas for discussion:
    - is there a specialized program for newgrads in critical care?
    - how long is the program?
    - how much time newgrads usually spend with a preceptor in training?
    - do preceptors receive training for teaching newbies?
    - do preceptors receive extra pay?
    - is there friendly and welcoming environment for newgrads?
    - what is a usual pay for newgrads at wa hospitals?
    - which wa hospitals would you recommend for a newbie?

    many thanks,
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  3. by   Summitk2
    I'm assuming you're talking to Washington State RNs? And I'm assuming you're interested in ICU practice?

    I started as a new grad in an ICU in Seattle, though I won't go into details where or when. I had a total of 3 preceptors, though primarily 2. I was precepted over 8 weeks. The preceptors had minimal preparation to be a teacher (they either "have it" or they don't), and their supplemental pay for precepting is also minimal (like $1-$2/hr extra).

    Several of Seattle's hospitals share what's called a "Critical Care Consortium," which is a series of lectures and an exam to help prepare new grads or RNs new to ICU. Because they're shared between hospitals, the location rotates each session. They cover EKG, CV, neuro, and various MICU/SICU patho. You're pulled off the unit, away from your preceptor, and paid for this time.

    I believe most of the hospitals in Seattle pay $21-$25/hr for a new grad with a BSN. As for other nurses' reception to new grads, it varies person to person. Some are happy to help, and others can appear to go out of their way to make your life just a little harder. I didn't meet anyone who was outright against me being there.

    I hope that helps.
  4. by   Life_Wanderer

    thank you very much for your thorough response. that helped a lot, you have clarified lots of information for me, i really appreciate it.

    a few more questions:

    - is there a contract that new-grads sign with the hospital in exchange for icu training?

    - is it difficult to get into an icu for a new-grad? especially if one is coming from other state than wa?

    - the 8 weeks of training that you mentioned, did it include/exclude classroom education?

    - may a new-grad work for a per-diem rate?

    many thanks,
    life wanderer
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  5. by   Life_Wanderer
    hope to hear from many more great critical care nurses from wa !!!

    please share your knowledge and experiences :typing