Transition from NICU to CCU

  1. Hi all. Wanted to get your thoughts on this.... Been a nurse for 14 years with the first 1 1/2 years MICU and the rest peds. Did general peds, PICU and NICU stepdown now. For the last several months I have been drawn to try adult nursing again and have always had an interest in cardiac nursing. So my question for you what's it like? What's the average age? The ratios? What kind of meds are used in CCU. Technology? What's typical day like. Is CCU different than CICU? IS CCU mostly medical? I have been pretty burned out for a while but I feel a bit excited to try this new area.
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  3. by   SteveNNP
    Sorry, But I just wanted to tack on a few questions of my own. I am a NICU nurse thinking about adding some PRN hours at a CVICU. Thanks!

    1. Is it possible to orient "PRN" in a CVICU? (I have some cardiac ICU background from school and externships, ACLS and arrythmia certifications)

    2. Can I function independently as a CVICU nurse only working/learning per diem?