Time Management for the Not So New Grad - page 2

I know it's been asked many times before "how can I time manage better as a new grad?". However, I have been off orientation for 6 months and have addressed by my supervisor about my frequent... Read More

  1. by   marilynbaker
    I think prioritization, clustering care if possible can help. but you are still new. You will get the hang of this.
  2. by   TimeFlies
    You've probably gotten tips of your own to offer by now
    I'm writing in with the same general question area. I've been in nursing a long time, but things change. They change enough that I'm looking for advice on the same question you asked:
    We have a heavy patient load, no extra help, and about 1/4 our equipment doesn't work. Yes, I've told the right people and I know everyone is doing their best.
    How do we nurses find time to hunt for the one working (whatever broken thing I need for right now), and do all the nursing jobs, and keep our patients happy and do our charting?
    After 10 minutes in a room, the patients may still be asking for things they were slept through asking night's, but its a new day when we come on. I really need that time to go give morning meds and assess my other patients. After 10 minutes meeting needs, I've told the patients things like "I need to check my other patients right now. I'll get you that fresh ice water as soon as I can." That's when they tell me they absolutely positively need to get up to go to the toilet. High fall Risk? I'll help them, of course. Then they need help getting comfortable coming back into bed. And then they are cold so they need more blankets. We do group nursing but the rest of my team is just as busy as I am.
    To put it all in one sentence- I want to make my patients happy, but there just isn't enough time to do all I have to do plus the extras they want and deserve. Advice?