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We were just courted by the Precedex guy from Abbott recently and a lot of us haven't used Precedex before. We are an all encompassing unit here including open heart recovery. Could I get some help... Read More

  1. by   Bronx1560
    We don't use Precedex at all for our hearts. My experience with Precdex isn't great b/c it doesn't work all the time & it does cause hypotension & bradycardia.

    It's for short term intubations & easy neruo checks, but it doesn't work for every patient.

    We've used it for 2 yrs now & I'm not a fan of it, it usually causes me more work for fix the side effects for such an expensive drug.

    go to the main website it should explain dose there.

    This is a medication of mcg/kg/hr & I agree bolus of medication does cause issues with hypotention & I usually give it in 10 mins but stop it before then & just start the maintenance rate.