oesophageal dopplers vs swans

  1. :kiss
    Hi, does anyone have experience of using oesophageal dopplers for cardiac output monitoring versus swans?
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  3. by   blitz
    Tried once to post to this thread but didn't go through. Sorry if you get two postings!
    I've seen it demonstrated once and the staff were quite impressed - enough so as to plan on purchasing the system. Obviously, the less invasive the better and the numbers were right on. Good piece of technology, if you ask me!
  4. by   mamiyo
    Hello Blitz,
    thanks for your reply, do you by any chance remember if the patient the doppler was tried on was sedated or awake ?
    I know the results are as accurate as swans but i'm trying to find out if it is being used successfully in consious patients.
    Thanks again for replying.