nurses in your CCU

  1. I want to know the number of the units and the nurses in you CCU. How can they deal with the patients? And how do they work?
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  3. by   bluesboyj
    The facility I work at here in Tx. has a total of 35 critical care beds (14 in ICU, 11 in CCU, and 10 in Neuro) where we are 99+% staffed for no more than 2:1 with VADs 1:2, post CAB are 1:1 for first few hours, IABPs are 1:1, CVVH are 1:1, and the occ. other pt. may have to be 1:1. There are rare times when 1 or 2 of us have to take a third pt. but we have Clinical Assisstants to help us.
    Best staffing I've been around in a while.
  4. by   Trauma
    i work in cvicu. our cabg ratio is 1 nurse:2 fresh hearts,there has been times i have taking 2 fresh and 1 old. only time we get 1:1 is fresh heart,IABP,CVVH or Prisma pump,about 10 different inotropes or pressors(they must be very unstable)this is why i am looking for a job as we speak