New grad accepts cvimcu-need advice to prepare

  1. Hi Everyone - I am a May RN Grad and I just accepted a CVIMCU position and am absolutely thrilled! Immediately I pulled my med surg book so I can re-read all the cardiac chapters, pulled drug book to review cardiac meds and am still wondering what else I can do in advance to prepare for orientation on the unit. Of course I'm going over EKG's also. If those of you who have precepted new grads would kindly share insight as to what else I should review it would be VERY helpful. As in what you wish your new nurses knew BEFORE they started on the unit. Many many thanks for your time and advice!!!!!!!
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  3. by   joeyzstj
    I often reccomend that my new grads buy "Perioperative Care in Cardiac Surgery" by Robert Bojar. Its a great book that covers almost every aspect of what you need to know. One thing you can start on that is going to help you get ahead is to become familiar with the 15 or 20 common drugs you are going to see on a daily basis in any busy CVICU. Know Basic receptors such as Beta-1, Beta-2 and Alpha-1 and what response you get when you have a drug that either stiumulates (agonist) or blocks (antagonist). It might sounds difficult, but its really not. Some preceptors will have you spend a month learning paperwork. I dont do that. I try to mix in the stuff you need to know with the paperwork and polices from the beginning. Bojars book describes all of what Ive mentioned if very easy to understand terms. Look over drugs such as Dobutrex, Dopamine, Epi, Levophed, Primacor, Cardizem, Nipride, Nitroglycerin, Amiodarone, Neosynepherine, Vasopressin, and possibly a few drugs such as Diprivan and versed if your not familar with them. Good luck.
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    Hey Joey thanks for the advice - that's awesome information! I will definitely get that book TODAY! Sounds like you're great at anticipating your "student's" needs and helpful in acclimating them to the unit - they're blessed to have you! Thanks again!!!!