How to be a good extern in CCU?

  1. Hi,

    I'm beginning an externship in the CCU :heartbeat later in May. I'm nervous and confident all at the same time. The websites Siri has listed in the sticky threa are invaluable, and I'll be spending some time with them later today. However, are there any other common sense things a newbie needs to know so I can become an asset rather than a pain in the butt to the nurses?

    I've heard from many, many people how 'wonderful' my nurse manager is. I am thrilled beyond words to have an individual with the reputation she does to help me learn. How can I help her?

    Until I start, I plan on studying cardiac as much as I can, both what I've had already and what I'll be studying second year. I plan to go in with as much info as I can hold in my poor brain. I'll review all the assessment stuff, though I'll be getting that in orientation again, so good for me. (I see several stickys are about this, too.)

    What else can I do? I'm super excited to have landed this incredible externship, but surely there are some real world things I need to be aware of. :smackingf
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