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Hi all. I am wondering if any of you use eICU at your facilities. It's a type of telenursing for CCU patients. Our hospital is opening an eICU center and I am wondering what the job entails. The... Read More

  1. by   ICU_floater
    I've posted extensively on this. Hindsight. when in a teaching hospital, we used the MD there to facilitate appropriate emergent orders, even for appropriate sedation when the interns/residents had their heads up their arses. In addition it was used when the new interns/residents had NO idea what to do, and I did and needed orders,there was an intensivist on the other end who'd listen and could give those orders.

    downside- sick poor nursing staff who'd zoom in to watch you. When you enter a patient room, even in camera, you introduce yourself and your intentions as not to invade privacy. these crappy nurses would zoom in looking for things to talk crap about their 'peers", then they were required to staff to keep current and would sit for hours on end, neglecting their own patients, talking trash about others. Whenever I saw the camera light up, I'd say.... and here's the other half of my brain... say something and introduce yourself. I'd also hit the button on the wall that alerts the nurse to zoom in and get audio/visual, if the pt. was uncomfortable with the idea and they'd 'chat".

    they have saved many a patient of mine by calling the desk to say room 17 is climbing out of bed.... if a code or really crashing patient was taking up care, they'd chime in the room, go see room 17... his sats are dropping... they WERE a good source of help, if the help was a good cailiber.