ED RN changing to CCU

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been an ED nurse for several years and will be cross-training to CCU next month for a full-time position. I'm excited about the change but anticipating a big learning curve. Are there any CCU nurses here that worked previously in the ER that can describe some struggles experienced during the transition? The obvious one to me would be how I focus my time but I'm sure there are plenty of others I've haven't thought of yet.

    A friend of mine on the unit recommended I read "Incredibly Easy Hemodynamic Monitoring", which helped her greatly. Any additional references or words of wisdom that helped you along the way? Thank you!
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  3. by   midinphx
    I was ER for 9 years before I went up to ICU. I took a class and a 3 month preceptorship. It was longer than I needed. It was scary. It is very different. ER and ICU are not interchangeable as all of us in these fields will attest. I remember the 1st night I had a pt with 9 drips on a vent and rather unstable and I was actually okay with it. It was a great feeling. I have to admit that after 9 years in ICU, there are things that I have yet to learn.
    Hemodynamics are one of my favorite things, but not all units really focus on them as strongly. Trauma has different focus than heart or medical or neuro. Get strong in your basics and it will all fit in.
    Good luck and stay positive!!