Cardia Moniter Tech ratio to patients

  1. What is the national average of cardiac monitor tech to patients ratio? Is there any such ratio? I have a friend who is currently monitoring between 42 to 48 patients on any given night shift; 7p to 7a. Does this seem excessive? What about a safety factor?
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  3. by   vamedic4
    YESSS that's excessive!! Wait,..."yes, that would be an excessive amount"...Oh, my. I'd go berzerk if I had to watch 48 people on tele at the same time. We are limited to 22 (max on unit), and we're the only monitored floor outside of the ICU. What I mean is, they can be on a monitor - but our floor is the only one with "central monitoring" where someone watches them 24/7/365.

    Sounds dangerous to me..I'm wayyyy too ADD to watch that many patients at the same time. Oh, and it's not so bad to have to WATCH them, but if I have to LISTEN to monitors going off and alarming - I'm going to break something..probably a lot of somethings.

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