Angiography/Angioplasty's , post SK admintration.

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    Anyone one have any idea as to the recommendations on how long after Streptokinase Infusion is a patient allowed to be scheduled for an angiogram ? Any information will be extremely helpfull. Take care y'all.
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  3. by   RYNOBLASTER30
    I think as a general rule it would be 24 hours. That is the amount of time that you aren't suppossed to give any IM injections or draw any blood. I have had patients who received a thrombolytic at another facility for treatment of an MI, then trasnferred to our facility for intervention. Obviously if something went wrong in the cath lab they would be at a greater risk of bleeding.
  4. by   hellonurse36
    I believe it is a risk benefit decision. Most patients who receive thrombolyitics get it because they have ST elevation and present to a facility without a cath lab. They get the lytics and are sent to a facility with a cath lab for higher level of care (per RACE protocol). In our facility most STEMIs are met in the ED by the cardiologist who then reevaluate the pt/situation and decides if they are admitted to the unit or go to the cath lab first. I have seen both. I have also seen pts who have received lytics who don't go to the cath lab because of it, they come to the unit and then have an increase in chest pain and end up going to the cathlab for an intervention. The MDs continually evaluate and reevaluate the pt and as things (ECG, pt's report of chest pain etc) change, so does the plan of care. Of course, the pt receiving lytics is taking into consideration and becomes part of the risk vs benefit analysis.

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