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CCRN Exam 2020


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Hey guys! I recently sat for the CCRN-Adult examination on 8/12 and I passed! I haven't seen anything posted about the updated/revised CCRN Exam that occurred for test takers after March 25, 2020. It was definitely a tough exam that I wouldn't take lightly. I have been in ICU a little over 1 year. I used Barron's CCRN review book and studied over 4 weeks strictly from that book while working full-time & night shift. There are 2 full length (150 questions) practice exams in the back and I only completed one. Personally, I thought this book was great in preparing me for the exam. Before taking the exam, I read a lot about CCRN on this forum. One update that I noticed after the exam versus what I read on this forum, was the number of questions you had to get correct in order to pass. There's 150 questions, 25 aren't included in the grading format, and the other 125 are included. When I received my score report immediately after the exam by the psi proctor, I saw that for the CCRN-Adult examination, only 83 out of 125 question are required in order to pass. I'd read on this forum that is was 87. Also, there are slightly less cardiac questions than previously and more questions in the other body systems which you can read about on the AACN website. This was a plus for me because cardiac was my weakest area and I worked in a Medical ICU. Don't take the ethics portion of the exam lightly either as it can be a make or break you. I ended up getting all of those questions correct which really helped my score. My score was 94/125. Good luck to all those testing!

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I took the previous exam style in 2019. I have to say I used the same book although I think mine may have been a previous edition. I felt like sepsis was everywhere. I also was shocked at the amount of questions about cardiac output.

I kinda took it on a whim so I didn’t prepare as much as I should have. I decided to take it and then realized I wanted to do it before my vacation.

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I passed last week (also with a little over a year of CVICU experience), and used the Barron's book, Pass CCRN question bank (I did about half of the questions, around 500 or so), the Ace the CCRN Study Guide (it's a short book, I'd read that at work during downtime), the Ace the CCRN practice question book, and the online practice question bank from AACN (probably did around 200 or so of those questions). I'd say at least do the Barron's book for content and the Pass CCRN question bank and you'll be fine. I got 113/125. Good luck!