ccp 2019 - community college of Philadelphia

Nursing Students School Programs


So I know I may be posting this a bit early. I just really want advice and the knowledge now before it gets close to when I have to apply.

I'm currently enrolled at ccp. This is my first semester and I'll be taking courses in the summer as well because I really want to be able to get into the nursing program by 2019. My only concern is that I'll be taking Chem 110 in the fall (I was placed in FNMT 016 so I'm taking FNMT 017 and 118 in the summer and I was told I can't take Chem unless I have FNMT 118). Would not having Chem 110 interfere with me applying since technically I'll have that credit before 2019? I just know applications start at the end of this year/early 2019. (I hope to talk to someone in the nursing department soon)

Also, the Kaplan exam. What are some ways I can study?

I'm just nervous and I really want to get into this program in 2019.

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