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CCE Intership Oxnard

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I am currently interested in applying to the CCE internship at St Johns Hospital, but I am completely scared about the group interview. I also heard that it is best to come up with the first answer out of the rest of the group so I was wondering if any of you guys know what kind of questions are asked at the panel interview also what are the interviewers look for in an applicant. Also what else can i do to better my chances to be accepted into the program. Thanks so much :)


Has 2 years experience.

Not sure if you've done the interview already but it's nothing to worry about. It's really basic questions like "What is one thing you've done that you are proud of in regards to your career choice?" "If one word can describe you, what would it be?" I highly doubt you will have these questions. It was seriously nothing too stressful and the group interviews actually made it less nerve-wrecking than individual interviews. I just graduated from the internship @ the West Covina Queen of the Valley Campus; it's a really great program and I learned/saw a lot!

So the process is interview -> 3-day orientation -> skills/written test

Obviously, make sure you pay attention during the orientation because that's what's going to be on your tests. The skills are very similar to job duties of a CNA. However, you will always be working with another intern/RN when performing these tasks.

The written test is pretty easy; just go over the huge booklet they give you at the beginning of the orienation.

The skills test is where it gets kind of tricky. But, if you remember the procedures - like knocking on the door, introduction, assessing the patient, wash hands, close the curtains, and THEN performing the job task.


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