Nursing Students School Programs


I am looking into taking Introductory to Chemistry online at CCConline. I don't want to waist my money anymore. I have taken it twice in Texas at Amarillo College. Both times have had very bad luck but I refuse to pay anymore money to any schools in Texas. The first time I took it I had no background in it at all and had two lab partners that did not know what they were doing either and a teacher that told me "no one can pass my class. And you would be lucky to pass with a C." The second time I took it I had a lab partner that did not read English very well and I was the only African American in the class. My lab partner was an older Spanish speaking lady that looked Arabic and no one wanted to be her partner. Most of the students were Spanish or White. Just imagine how that went. Without my lab partner, neither one of us would have partners. I did pass the class with a C because directions were not followed properly by my partner when she would read them to me. I refuse to pass a class with a C when I started with an 86 in the class but I also refuse to waist my money to go back and take the class again and get the same results.

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