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I wanted to see if there was anyone who is planning on applying for the ccbc nursing program for spring 2010 for either of the campuses...any experiences thus far...suggestions.. im nervous...I take my teas on sat..all pre-reqs are done...



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Hey Tiara,

I'm also planning on applying to the Program for the Spring 2010 semester. I still have to take Micro and Engl 102...everything else done. I have a 3.0 science gpa and 3.0 overall. I also have previous bachelor's degree...but i doubt that counts for anything? Did you take the TEAS yet? How did that go. applying to ccbc was kind of a last minute thing for me so I'm planning on meeting with Ms. ****** tomorrow. I'm just wondering if my GPA is high enough.



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Hey Smita,

I have taken all that needs to be done all science and pre-req's. I have nothing else to take...i am taking chem in the fall if i dont get in...i also have a 3.0 standing..I took the TEAS in July with out studying i got a i got the book and i am taking it again Aug 22...the math is what i had the most trouble I havent seen it since high scchol..but the book really helps..I did get a 92.5% in reading..i been praying that the GPA is high enough cause the program is so competitive..

hey i got an 84.1 overall on the TEAS and a 90 in reading. 3.03 overall GPA and 2.79 in science/eglish/psyc...I have micro in progress now and will have to take ENGL 102 over the summer if I get in...I'm super nervous too!!!! Have u been talking to others?? Has anyone told you anything about your chances for getting in?? I heard that Spring admissions is a little less competitive...


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Thats great good luck in micro...i hope its true in regards to the spring semester i need all the help i can get...

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