Catheter questions


ok i missed 2 weeks of school with pneumonia and finally was able to get the assignments that will be due monday when i go back to school. i missed the lectures on catheter care but have read the chapter twice in taylors fundamentals of nursing i have found most of the answers except these few. if anyone knows them or knows of a site where i can find them i would appreciate it.

1. list 3 nursing actions that are designed to decrease infection in the urinary bladder while a retention catheter is in place.

i have: aseptic technique on insertion, aseptic technique on emptying and cleaning frequently from insertion point downward making sure to rinse thoroughly.

2. describe two reasons for using an external catheter and leg bad.

when voluntary control of urination is not possible in males like very young children and the elderly, also used to decrease the risk of damage if stricture is believed to be a problem inorder to prevent serious injury.

3. what is the easiest way to carry a urinary drainage bad while ambulating? what is safest way? why

this is one i haven't found discussed in the book, i have a feeling it came straight from lectures i missed.

4. what would you do about the drainage bad and tubing when the patient is:

ambulating - i don't know as i didn't know the answer to the previous question either.

sitting in a chair - put the bag in a cover if one is available, hang on lower rung of chair, and adjust the tubing so it does not hang below the bag so the urine does not back-up into the catheter

transported in a wheelchair - i believe it is the same answer as sitting in a chair but you may be able to hang bag from crossbars under w/c if there are any, and again adjust the tubing.

i would just ask the instructors on monday but all my make-up work has to be turned in by 9am and i have an 8am-10am class.

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