Cath Lab Nursing - on call requirements?

Cath lab nursing - on call requirements Nurses Career Support


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Hi fellow nurses!! 

So, Im looking into switching gears on my career and going into a cath lab position (currently working on a PCU floor now, but its more of a med/surg PCU - my background/passion is more cardiology!)


But, generally curious about what others experiences' are with on call requirements - if you work in cath lab (or know someone who does), how often do they take call per month or week? Is your requirement to be there in 30, 45 min (or is it more) upon being called in?


Lastly, does cath lab prep and recovery have the same type of call requirements as cath lab itself (or do they not take call)? How about interventional cardiovascular recovery unit? 


Share with me all the wisdom on this one!!

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