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wondering how your hospital deals with the inpatient and outpatients? how many cath labs do you have? at ours we have two cath labs and the cardiologists rotate from week to week they will do a procedure and then come up to the floor to round. it does not work well espically when they get stuck in a plasty. wondering how you all deal with that. do you have a rounding physician

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Our cath docs will round but not all of their cath patients are their admission patients so rounding is minimal. It is also nice to have the P.A.s that we do because they will usually take care of discharge orders and speaking with the patient regarding diet and lifestyle change. On a typical day we schedule our outpatients first thing so the inpatients can there morning meds and any fluid. This really cuts down on wait times. We also have a designated charge nurse for that day that is responisble for posting yesterdays cath, preping todays caths and does all the prep work.

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