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Castle Branch Delay

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Hi group,

I am starting clinicals for the LPN program 3/2 (well supposed to anyways) but I never started my CastleBranch background/medical check.  I have a test that I need to pass anyway before I can start the clinicals, and it’s a dosage exam that I failed once.....otherwise you have to retake the class and at this time I don’t have the funds to retake a class at a private school.  The Castle branch deadline is tomorrow(21st) so I am delayed anyways. I wanted to take the test first before I spend 150.00 on Castlebranch.  I am fine with starting my clinicals in another semester, I would just be devastated if I failed the test and I just paid 150.00 for a BGC I won’t utilize....anytime soon.  Any input or criticism is welcomed.

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