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Just wondering if anyone knows anything about CasePro? How are they to work for? etc.

My husband is looking at an opportunity with them in a case management position. He would be a contractor, and CasePro's contract with this particular government entity is up for renewal next year. That makes us nervous, although the CasePro recruiter told him that up front and said that if an employee is good, and a new company gets the contract that 99% of the time they are kept on. The money is GREAT, the benefits are extremely expensive, but I can carry our benefits. We're just worried that if a new company would get the contact, the money would be cut, etc....

At this same time he has an opportunity at the same hospital where I work that is also in case management, pay is about the same as he makes now, benefits are good (you actually earn a retirement!) hours are set and no worries about them being cut.

The lure of the money with CasePro is strong, but we don't know anyone who has worked for them, so I thought I'd ask you guys. We are trying to rebuild ourselves financially after some very tough times, and we're just confused as to the right move. Some sage advice would be welcome!



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