Working as a CM in 4 ALF's

  1. Does anyone work as a Home care CM, covering 4 ALF's, plus community pts? I am required to do all starts of care, recerts, ROC's, DC's, wound measurements wkly, 4 mtgs with 4 DON's, lasting 1-2hrs, plus wkly staff mtg, Code charts (never had coding exp), commute 1hr in am and 1.5 hrs pm, making 29.80 hr, no OT, no lunch (too much to get done), plus review all nurses notes from LPN's and per diem RN's, Review all reports on Computer daily, sign all orders, and on and on. When I was hired I was covering 1 ALF, 10 minute commute from home told 40 hrs plus OT. DON who hired me quit, they can't keep CM in the community I cover, no wonder! HELP, please, because I can't do this job in 8 hrs, working every wkend from home for free.
    Thankyou for any advice in advance!
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  3. by   JerseyLilly
    There was another post that was similar regarding caseloads. CMSA has a caseload calculator that is based on acuity, level of care, complexity, duration, etc. It is a useful guideline that should help facilities and companies framework case managment patients ratios.

    Here is the link. It is a bit lengthy, but you will see what I mean when you take a look at it. After reading it, perhaps you may want to pass it on to HR or management? Hope this helps!