Typical Case Load/Salary/Schedule For Case Mgr.

  1. I have a question that I hope you ladies can help me out with. I work for a TPA, and I'm starting to feel that this is not the right job for me. I literally work through lunch (there's no time for one) and I am SUPER busy everyday. I swear it feels like I'm at work for like 3 hours and then my shift is supposed to be over- but of course it never is. I leave so late everyday; I'm exhausted. I feel like the work will never stop coming in and that our team just is not big enough to handle this case load! Although I'm hourly now, I will be salaried once I become permanent. I figure that if I end up working 50 hours per week, which is what I'm estimating though it may be a little more gauging on the number of new cases I'm assigned each day, I will be making a little over $19 an hour since I will be salaried and they can really take advantage of me. At least now I get paid by the hour eventhough there's no overtime- I just get straight pay- is this even legal? So, I'm just curious... what is the typical case load (open claims only & open cases/incidents total- can you list both?), typical salary, and how many hours per week do you work? Are you salary, or hourly? Do you get paid OT if you're hourly or just straight pay? Any answers would be GREATLY appreciated so that I can make an informed decision.
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