Telephonic Nursing

  1. Anyone familiar with this kind of Nursing. My sis and I are RN's in ICU mainly. Sis is interested in possibly doing this. Anyone know anything about it and also salary?

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  3. by   stkittprincess
    HI, this is Kitt. I am not sure what you are referring to? Do you mean when the nurse calls patients at home and checks their pace maker over the phone line?

  4. by   stkittprincess
    This is Kitt.

    Wow, I was way off on my guess. Telephonic nursing is an innovative approach to providing prevention-focused care to patients at risk for preterm birth.

    That is all I know about it but I am sure you could find more info on the net or right here on this site

    Good Luck
  5. by   HHheart
    Telephonic case mgmt is the process of monitoring a patient's status by telephone. You call the patient on a regularly scheduled basis, as well as accepting calls from the patient regarding any new symptoms or concerns. With the information that you gather, you tailor your care plan and assist in providing needed interventions. For example, if you are managing a cancer patient, you will teach them s/sx to report, as well as how to help prevent common complications. If they report symptoms indicative of dehydration, you might contact the physician and request an order for a home health evaluation and IV fluids in necessary. This action could save the patient an unncessary hospitalization, which in turn saves the insurance company $$$$. It's a win-win concept.