Telecommute Nursing

  1. HI,

    I have been researching telecommute insurance company positions for the past few months on these forums and I have a few questions about this type of nursing career field I could not find the answer to here yet.

    1.Do they provide financial incentives for increased productivity?

    2. Is there a certain company you would recommend based on your experience such as Anthem BCBS, UHG, UHS or smaller local health insurance companies? (I only have a local anthem office in my town, no other companies have moved here yet)

    3. Hourly vs. Salaried? Do they take advantage of a salaried positions at home where you end up working excessive hours? (over 40/week)

    4. What are the benefits such as PTO, Sick time, retirement plans? I have VA federal benefits which are hard to beat but is currently changing with the current U.S. administration.

    5. Is it possible to work for an east coast company and live on the west coast? (with the appropriate
    state licenses of course).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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