Social Workers making home IV infusion referrals.

  1. I work in a Children's Hospital as the Clinical Case Mgr. doing complex discharge planning. I am getting pressure to hand over my IV infusion referrals to SW staff. Sending babies and children home with IV infusion is very complicated when nursing consideration needs to occur as to size of PICC, duration of drug, changing to a more reasonable home regime, etc. Also, a 2Fr PICC would require a continuous infusion etc. I run around all day getting verbal orders from the Docs. as well. I have not had one bad outcome thank goodness. Do other CM have this issue? This seems to me to be out of their scope of practice and they are gradually taking on nursing duties. The other issue is the outside agencies who come to the hospital to coordinate the care to their agency often are not nurses either. Would appreciate any advice with this! Thank you in advance
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