Samuel Merritt University Application ELMSN Spring 2019 - page 2

I was just wondering if anyone's applying to SMU's ELMSN - Case Management for Spring 2019? I took my HESI today and I can finally complete my application. Hopefully I have enough time to get... Read More

  1. by   kayrh10
    Were you able to successfully register? If so, how? I was unable to do it from my link!
  2. by   jackiewackie44
    Yeah I just tried but the links provided just lead to their calendar! I think I'll have to call to schedule since their offices are closed now
  3. by   V_Grey18
    Hello all!

    I also received an invitation to interview and had a difficult time registering. I don't see any available time slots on my end; instead, I see time slots for webinars, campus tours, etc. Either way, congrats to those who got the invitation- I look forward to meeting some of you!
  4. by   RickyG435
    Hey everyone -

    I applied for the ELMSN FNP program and also received an interview invite. I'm having a similar problem, as only a calendar shows up when I try and register for a date. I emailed someone in regards to it so I'm hoping to hear back soon.

    Congrats to everyone who did receive an interview invite for their desired program(s).
  5. by   kayrh10
    Hi everyone! I was able to register using a laptop! Apparently you are unable to register using mobile devices! Hope this helps you all!
  6. by   RickyG435
    Strange.. laptop didn't work for me. It continues to take me back to the calendar page like it did with my phone.
  7. by   V_Grey18
    I'm a Mac user and it didn't work for me. However, it worked for me via Google Chrome (I downloaded it online as an application). Perhaps, Firefox might help too. Hope this helps!
  8. by   kayrh10
    Oh how interesting! I am a Mac user as well and safari worked fine for me!
    When are you all interviewing? Mine is on September 26th at 1:00!
  9. by   RickyG435
    Google chrome worked like a charm, thanks!

    I'm scheduled to interview on the 7th at 1:00.
  10. by   V_Grey18
    I am scheduled for the 7th at 1:00pm as well! I'm looking forward to the interview but am not sure if there is a way to prepare. If anyone would like to share insight for the interview, that would be greatly appreciated.
  11. by   RickyG435
    Previous interviewees mentioned it was a different style of interview that was more task/group based. Unfortunately I'm not too sure about to prepare for such a style.
  12. by   robxavier
    What's up everyone!
    I also got invited for an interview. Registered for 9/7 @ 1p.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  13. by   IHopeToBeAnFNP
    I registered for September 26th at 4:30 PM. I'm assuming they wait to make decisions until after all interviews? I wanted to interview sooner but was unable to due to work.