Legitimate Avenues for Certification and Training???

  1. http://www.aihcp.org/ceu-program-casemanagement.htm

    Could someone please look at this site and tell me if this a recognized provider of Case Management training and certification. It looks suspect to me. There is mention that if you just so happen to complete the entire training program, you will earn a College Certificate Fellowship from Breyer State College. When I looked at Breyer State's College website and cross-referenced it against the US Department of Education's Diploma Mill list, Breyer State showed up on that list, and their accreditation is not legally recognized by the US DOE. So this makes me think this AACM is not legit either. The course prices are exorbitant.
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  3. by   Amanda.RN
    You are correct! They're a scam. There are only 2 providers of exams in which you can become a "Certified" Case Manager. What is your current credentialing? If you are an RN, you do not need any "continuing education" credits to become a case manager as this web page is suggesting. These look like courses you could opt to take prior to taking the certification exam, if you so wish.

    I recommend going through the CCMC (Commission for Case Manager Certification). Go to www.ccmcertification.org for information. This is a legitimate way to apply for and take the exam to become a Certified Case Manager. There are prerequisites, like being licensed in your state, having 1 year of experience under the supervision of a Certified Case Manager or 2 years of experience under someone who is not a Case Manager, etc.

    Click on this link:

    Then click on the "Certification Guide". This is a 19 page document that tells you exactly what you need to do in order to qualify and sit for the exam.

    You will also find their approved "Continuing Ed Providers" on their web site. I didn't check to see if the one you mentioned is on their list, but I'm doubtful.

    You will also be able to find a long list of references (ie. study books, etc) that they recommend reviewing prior to the exam, and they also have sample test questions available.

    I hope this helps. I'm leisurely studying for my exam right now and plan to take it in the next year or so.

    Good luck!