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  1. I became a nurse at age 40 graduated 2008. Worked as a CNA all during school. Worked on a med surg floor for 2 yrs before going into home health. Worked for a company for over a year. I did everything from CM to all the visits. The last 3 months which was all summer I was seeing between 36-45 pts a week and saw pts every weekend. Summer was over and I did not spend much time with my kids. Only went on 2 long weekends for vacation.
    So I decided to try another company. I just started there 2 weeks ago. I am a CM full time. Was told would be on call one weekend every other month since they have 7 CM. THey have 8 PRN nurses who do visits. I am to see 6 pts a day. I also kept 3 pts from my other company to keep my foot in the door incase this new company did not work out.
    My issue is I worry about my pts ALL the time. I thought by working for a company where other nurses will help with visits and I don't have to do all the visits that would help. But I can not turn it off. I worried all weekend about a pt I saw Tues S/P hip replacement and she has CA. On Tues incision had small opening temp 99. Called ortho, set up appt for the next day. Another RN went to see her THurs. THe RN told me the pt was coming home from a Cardiology appt and had a echo done. Incision still had small open area and was draining, temp 100. She put on a DSD. That was it.
    I did not get a chance to call the ortho on Friday was too busy. Called the pt over the weekend to check on her and to set up a visit time for Monday. SHe did not answer and did not call me back.
    I am thinking I am not not cut out to be a nurse. THings were so much eaiser when I was a CNA. Just helped people and no issues to deal with. But of course made no money. Do not need health benefits. ANy advise would be greatly appreciated.
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