How important is the CCM exam, REALLY

  1. I am just getting back in to case management after being out of it for 15 years (I have an interview in 2 weeks) I had 7 years in Case management, plus over 14 years in a variety of settings, including ICU float. I also have a masters in Health Services Administration.

    When I was doing CM 15 years ago, the certification was new, and the only option was 2 years verified experience to sit for the exam. The insurance co I worked for would not give out any info other than name, rank and serial number, so I dropped the idea. Now, I see that having that certification is all the rage. But really, what difference does it make? I can pass the exam in all likelihood but then it obligates you to paying dues and doing CEUs, when you already do that for the RN; plus, doesn't having a masters degree mean a bit more? I find it hard to believe that the CCM proves you are more educated or experienced, or motivated than getting a masters. I guess I am an older nurse, but it seems to me all these certificates are just a way to add more initials after your title and a way for groups to get large fees on a yearly basis. Please tell me why I am wrong....I really can't see how it proves anything except to make very experienced and competent nurses feel less about themselves if they don't want to spend the money to go this day and age of trying to be frugal, this is throwing money in to the wind - why not get a masters instead? At least then you learn something.

    One more thing = I can pass the exam because I know how to be a case manager from experience doing it, not because of any class I took. This is a job you learn by experience, in my opinion.
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