Has any one heard of naviHealth? - page 3

I was called by this company to schedule an interview for case manager. I've never heard of this company. Has anyone worked for or knows more info about them?... Read More

  1. by   Ktrun262
    NaviHealth is an amazing company. I have worked for them since the creation of the company (about 2-3 years ago), as well as the prior company which they bought, called SeniorMetrix (6 years in all). We have a great team of leaders who are very innovative and creative. They have great benefits and I believe you can't go wrong with a career with naviHealth. I would definitely check out their website and look at the careers section where it will give you a full description of the jobs available and information about the company.
  2. by   Jazzy_nurse_SF
    I had an interview w/ navihealth and have yet to be invited by the hospital manager. The first one was a phone interview and the second one was a web interview. I am feeling hopeful, but just want to find out some more feedback of anyone's experience, background and interviews. I am in california, SF, and the position is for a care coordinator.