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  1. Hi, is there anyone out there who works or has worked for Emblem Health as a case manager in NY? What was/is your experience working for them? What is the salary range? How soon were you able to transition from office based CM to home based CM?
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  3. by   hzrizen
    I work for them and I thinks it's a great place to work. Been there close to 2 months. Pay depends on a bunch of stuff but it's good. Benefits rock out loud. You can technically be working from home is you are offered the option within 6-7 months.
  4. by   enigma2441
    Thanks for your response. I'm glad to hear all that. I have my interview next week. Wish me luck.
  5. by   PinkRNBSN
    Hi, can I get an update on your experience so far with the CM position with Emblem Health. And the salary answer what never really answered. What is the starting salary? How are the zones/ boroughs assigned. How often are you required to be in the office vs. home. Also, are you required to visit members?
  6. by   enigma2441
    I only just started this past week. It depends on what aspect of CM you're in. I'll be in discharge planning sons little different from typical case management. Salary depends on experience but ask for what you want and they'll probably meet it. As far as working from home; that'll be st least 6months from now. Then once trained to work from home you're pretty much always home unless you choose or need to come into the office
  7. by   PinkRNBSN
    I have a few more questions, what is your work load expected to look like->does it seem like you will be working past normal business hours (evening/weekend)? And do you cover cases throughout the state or by borough.

    Also Good luck in your new position.
  8. by   enigma2441
    Caseload of about 60-65. Assigned to various facilities throughout boroughs. Cases referred via e-fax. You're expected to work 9-5. No weekends unless you volunteer to work on call. If you go past your shift its on you. I guess it depends on how good you are with a computer. The medical director for my dept is awesome and very involved and informative. Supervisor and staff are very supportive and help each other out if fall behind. So far from what I see it seems like a very supportive environment. Not very demanding. Work looks manageable but once I'm handling my own cases I'll have a better idea
  9. by   PinkRNBSN
    Thanks for all the info =)
  10. by   RN212
    Hi enigma,

    I have an upcoming interview with emblem health for CM position. Are you still with them? Can you tell me more about the CM position? Do you have to visit patients? How's the benefit package (vacations, sick days, bonus, etc)? Thanks!